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For a lot of my fellow Christians tomorrow, August 1st, has become a moment of defiance.   By now everyone has heard the comments of Dan Cathy concerning marriage.   Those comments in support of “traditional marriage” have led to a public debate about freedom, responsibility, and social justice.  Many people have said they are going to boycott Chick-Fil-A for taking such a stand, not unlike many people on the other side of this debate declaring they were going to boycott J.C. Penny when they published a picture of two men in an advertisement a month or so ago.   From politicians to people in the pews, this firestorm has mobilized people on both sides to become vocal and active in their communities.

Thus, I have received many invitations to “dine in” at Chick-Fil-A tomorrow with other people on a particular side of this debate.  There are multiple reasons for this…

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About Joel

Joel is a 32 year old currently residing in the southeastern United States. His interests lay in philosophy and theology. He is a writer for The Christian Watershed.

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