The Creed and Core Beliefs: Changing Our Understanding of our Most Basic Relationship

Ancient Christian Wisdom

“Who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and Became Man.”

NativityRelationships are not just about connections between people. They are also internalized, defining who we are at a level of core beliefs. This is true in our development as children. It is true in our spiritual lives as well. Anyone familiar with the Old Testament knows that in the age prior to the Incarnation when human moral sensitivities were coarse and idolatry rampant, human beings’ relationship with the true God was understood primarily as a contract between unequals: “I will be their God and they will be my people.”(Genesis 17:7-8)  The entire book of Leviticus sets forth the legal terms of a treaty between God and man, whose compliance would bring blessings and whose abrogation curses. The misadventures and calamities of the children of…

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About Joel

Joel is a 32 year old currently residing in the southeastern United States. His interests lay in philosophy and theology. He is a writer for The Christian Watershed.

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