No War in Syria (A Letter to Tennessee Senators)

ImageIf you have not called, written, or emailed your Senators or Reps then please do so. Google them and go to their websites to email them! I like to share my letters as an inspiration to others, so that we can oppose this war together. Give mine a read, get inspired, and get on the phone or computer! 


Greetings Senators,

I am sure you have heard of Senator McCain’s recent town hall meeting where his voters laid it all out about Syria and basically told him he’d be out of a job if he continues to be a war monger.

I am writing you today, as well as leaving a message on your phone, to tell you I will do the same for you. I promise you a lost vote if you vote yes to intervening in Syria.

The actions of our government are morally bankrupt. McCain, Graham, Kerry, and Obama are actively wanting to support the rebels who have direct ties to the very group who 12 years ago flew planes into our buildings. This is evil, Senator. I’m not afraid to say it. It is wicked!

There is no win-win in this situation. It is lose-lose no matter what America does. Thus I stand with Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in that a non-intervention foreign policy is best here. We do not have any business fighting a civil war that has not attacked us nor hurt our interests! I also do not appreciate the fear mongering tactics of Senators like Lindsey Graham who are so desperate for more war they attempt to scare American citizens by threats of nuclear war and false stories of what could happen if we don’t intervene. These stories are based in fear. Plain and simple!

We have no business in Syria, Senator. We have no clear evidence of what is going on there and we have no clear objections.

We do not have the financial means to afford another intervention in an area filled with strife. We also cannot afford to strain our relationship with China and Russia.

I am standing with the religious minorities that the rebels are slaughtering left and right, which our government and President are ignoring.

All of this is to say I want you to represent your people and we the people do not want war. We are tired of war and we are tired of Washington doing what it wants and being war mongers. We want peace. We want non-intervention foreign policy. So I urge you to please stand with Senators Paul and Cruz and vote no to Syria.

And to drive my point home please read this letter already sent to you from a Syrian citizen:

“Dear senator

I’m writing you today to ask you to vote NO to any military action by the United States in Syria. As Syrian American, it brings me grief and frustration to see that our leaders are even considering military action against Syria.

Why are we supporting the extremists in Syria? Why is this administration trying to distort the truth?. Mr. Kerry and Sen. McCain are trying to show the rebels as moderate fighters. I’m from Syria, my family is still there, and I can tell you with great confidence that over 90% of the rebels are foreigner and local extremists with ties to Al- Qaida and Al-Qaida like organizations.

They claim that chemical weapons represent danger to our national security, but we have no problem overthrowing a government and placing chemical weapons in the hands of terrorists. This is something I can’t totally comprehend. Common sense says our military strike is causing danger to our national security.

They are trying to sell the congress and the American people that the Syrian regimen has used chemical weapons without a single convincing proof. Why would the Syrian army do it when it is winning the war and the rebels are asking every day for support stating that they can’t survive anymore?.

Why are we ignoring the crimes of the rebels? Few days prior to the alleged ” chemical attack” the rebels attacked twelve villages and killed and beheaded over 500 women and children and elderly, all documented with videos and reports to the United Nations human rights committees. They have already kidnapped and killed thousands of civilians, mainly Christians and other minorities just because of their religion. These ” moderate rebels” have no problem videotaping them beheading priests and putting the Vedio on YouTube?!! These “moderate rebels” killed and destroyed all minority communities in the areas under their control. Can Mr. Kerry explain why there is no minorities left in the areas under rebels control?

Two days ago they attacked Christian town of Maloola, bombing historic churches, terrorizing and killing people in a town with no military bases or government military presence, they had the atrocity to do that while we are deciding to help them and of course our media ignored it.

In a country with over 35% of its population considered ethnic minorities, there is no minority fighters amongst the rebels, why is that? Have we seen that in terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen?

What will these fighters do to people who don’t agree with them if they gain upper hand? This is Taliban government all over again.

Do Mr. Kerry and McCain have an answer to that?

I urge you to think about the millions of civilians and innocent people who will be killed by the extremist. Rebels if we overthrow the government in Syria. We all will stand in front of god one day and be judged on participating in this crime.

I’m not saying that the government in Syria is perfect or democratic. We need change, but the real solution in Syria is by promoting love and tolerance and peaceful dialogue, not by bombing and sending military aid to extremists.

The majority of our nation is against this war, and our democracy guarantees that our politicians respond to their people, and I’m confident that you will make the right decision

I apologize for the long email, but I hope it will give you the true prospective of what is going on.

Thank you.”

As a U.S. citizen and a vote in your State, Senator, I’m urging you to stand up and do what is morally right here; vote no to a intervention in Syria.

Thank you,

Jonathan Anderson


About Joel

Joel is a 32 year old currently residing in the southeastern United States. His interests lay in philosophy and theology. He is a writer for The Christian Watershed.

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