Akathist of Thanksgiving (Glory to God for All Things)

ImageI came across this beautiful Akathist of Thanksgiving (video is in the hyperlink) on Youtube and wanted to share it with Thanksgiving coming up. I for one can complain a lot and be very ungrateful, but I am blessed and highly favored. Forgive me for my non-Eucharistic living:

Akathist of Thanksgiving (Glory to God for All Things)

“Glory to you, for every sigh of my sadness … for every moment of joy … for the fragrant lillies of the valley and the roses … for the morning dew, shining like diamonds … I kiss reverently the footprint of Your invisible tread … for the last rays of sunlight … for rest and the gift of sleep … for providential encounters with people … for the love of relatives, the devotion of friends … for our tireless thirst for You … Who have broken the spirits of darkness … for the genius of the human mind … for the life-giving strength of work … Who grant my wishes when they are good … for Whom there is no such thing as a hopeless loss … Who send failures and sorrows to us so that we might be sensitive to the sufferings of others … Who have raised love higher than anything on earth or in heaven … for providential coincidences … for the guidance of a secret inner voice … for revelations in dreams and when awake … Who destroy our useless plans … Who humble pride of heart to save us … for the unfathomable life-giving power of grace … Who have raised up Your Church as a refuge of peace for an exhausted world … Who breathe new life into us with the life-giving water of Baptism … Who restore the purity of immaculate lillies to those who repent … Glory to you, inexhaustible abyss of forgiveness … Who led us to heaven … Who have loved us with love immeasurable, deep, Divine … Who have surrounded us with light, and with hosts of angels and saints … Glory to You , all Holy Father, Who have willed us Your Kingdom … all Holy Son, the Way the Truth, and the Life …all Holy Spirit and life-giving sun of the future age … Glory to You for everything, O Divine Trinity, all bountiful … unto ages of ages.”

“Composed by Metropolitan Tryphon and found on the artifacts of Archpriest Gregory Petroff who was murdered while in a prison camp in 1934.

Thanksgiving and Prayer as a celebration as understood perhaps best by one from whom all beauty was seemingly denied, a song of praise from amidst the most terrible sufferings. The title is taken from the words of St. John Chrysostom as he was dying in exile.

This Akathist is also called the “Akathist of Thanksgiving.” The author was Metropolitan Tryphon (Prince Boris Petrovich Turkestanov). It contains biographical references to his childhood illness and family life, as well as other material. It was written in perhaps 1934, the year of his death. A copy of this hymn, in samizdat form, was among the belongings of the priest Grigori Petrov, who died in a Soviet prison camp in 1940, and has been sometimes attributed to him. The title is from the words of Saint John Chrysostom as he was dying in exile. It is a song of praise from amid sufferings.”

Read the Text of this Beautiful Akathist


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Joel is a 32 year old currently residing in the southeastern United States. His interests lay in philosophy and theology. He is a writer for The Christian Watershed.

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