Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater (Short Reflections on Holy Tradition)

ImageA friend of mine, Anthony, posted something on his Facebook where someone posted the following comment:

Jesus Christ was NOT interested in man’s traditions and neither am I. A person MUST be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit and guided by the Holy Spirit. ..not mans tradition.”

My friend responded with these simple reflection on Tradition, which I felt were worthy of sharing on the blog:

‘ALL Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be equipped, prepared for every good work’ (2 Timothy 3:16–17). The same author inspired by The Holy Spirit also said: “Brethren, stand fast, and hold the Oral and Written TRADITIONS which ye have been taught. (2 Thess 2:15). The same letter of 2 Timothy in chapter 2 vs 2 tells us to honor and pass along all Oral teachings of Paul. Unfortunately some of our English translations purposefully change the same Greek Word Paradoses to translate it to ‘teaching’ or ‘doctrine’ when The Word calls us to follow Traditions but then when there is a negative warning against man-made traditions which contradict God’s Word, they automatically translate the same Greek word as ‘tradition’.

We are taught in the Holy Word of God to follow the Godly Tradition but to avoid all manmade traditions which go against the Word of God.

Also, not all manmade traditions are ungodly. We have many wonderful traditions in our nation (i.e. pledge of allegiance before the Flag, Saying prayers before session of Congress, etc.) or other traditions in various worship services (tradition to have singing hymns before preaching) and so many others. Not all traditions are ‘bad’ but ONLY those which are against God’s revealed Will.

For decades I was taught and also taught against ALL traditions , quoting a few scriptures I had memorized and been taught in modern anti-traditional theology, and totally missing the original Greek word in the Bible calling us to honor Godly Traditions.

I understand why some don’t like traditions cause their experience was negative dead letter of the law without deep theological experience of God and His Holy Fire and Divine Light in Godly Tradition, but we must always be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater and privately interpret the Bible against that which the Word of God clearly teaches us.

I pray more of us will unite with Living Godly Traditions that help us in living our Faith and honoring the very Holy Bible and our ONE Faith according to what our Apostles taught us as they were led of The Holy Spirit.”

Hopefully something on which we can all ponder and meditate!


About Joel

Joel is a 32 year old currently residing in the southeastern United States. His interests lay in philosophy and theology. He is a writer for The Christian Watershed.

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