I Will Wait (ˈThē Tranˈsendənt II)

a0816486088_10Thē Tranˈsendənt is Orthodox Ruminations’ series about the transcendence of art, music, and culture. These would be things that lift the soul to its Creator and bring us to the experience of the Divine. These things take us above the here-and-now of our dreadful, yet hopeful, existence on this life. These things show a light of the Divine that helps us to gain a taste of the things to come. These things are a beautiful collision of our depravity with His divinity to paraphrase David Crowder. These things lift us! They unite us! They speak of things not fully here, but nonetheless present.





The second song in the series is a song by Bombadil called “I Will Wait”. This song literally embodies the transcendent hope of which I have spoken in this series’ purpose. The song embodies a strong eschatological longing! In the New Testament, we see the Saints expecting Jesus to return at any time. The NT encourages strong ethical living because of this; Revelation itself is about hope. The hope we have is to be eschatological. It is the hope that lives in the moment, but longs for that which has come and is still to come. This song echos what Crowder says on the inside booklet of “A Collision”, “It is the hope in a rescue that has come, the hope in a rescue that has found us, and the relentless hope in a greater rescue that is still coming–one that has not yet arrived but is no less present.”

Some may mistake the song’s lyrics as speaking of rapture, but I do not see it as that. St. Paul says, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” I believe the song’s internal meaning is a journey of man’s desire for God while still dealing with his own sins. It is the struggle of salvation that this song embraces. It is the eschatological hope of death that the song embodies. It expresses a man’s longing for God to have mercy on him and perhaps to take him to death, which as St. Paul says, is to gain Christ. I could be wrong, but this is the meaning most profound for me in this song. I hope you take from it what I have.

Keep the hope, friends!

DISCLAIMER: I will include hyperlinks in the titles for all the post, so for the music to this song click on the title below:


Oh my Jesus Christ,
can you bring me back to life?
Can you lead me to an afterlife that I would like?

Oh my Savior of the Meek,
can you teach me how to speak?
Can you teach me how to love myself when I am weak?

Oh my Lord of Love,
where are you hiding far above?
Why don’t you come to me and show me what I ask you of?

Oh Emmanuel,
will you guide my way?
Did you see, but do you understand how far I fell?

Oh my Righteous Man,
will you give me solid land?
Will you give my own the greatest gift so we may stand?

Oh my End of Days,
am I headed for a path
that will lead me to the mouth of everlasting pain?

They will pray but if you listen you will hear me say:
I will wait for you to swing below and take me away.



About Joel

Joel is a 32 year old currently residing in the southeastern United States. His interests lay in philosophy and theology. He is a writer for The Christian Watershed.

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