The Eucharistic Dimension of Death

Minolta DSCSome more profound insights from Father John Behr’s (Dean of St. Vlad’s Orthodox Theological Seminary) “The Mystery of Christ: Life in Death” (A great review here):

There is clearly a close relationship between the dynamism and the fruitfulness of the Spirit and the action of the Word operative in the processes that lead both to the Eucharist and to the resurrection. It is by receiving the Eucharist, as the wheat and the vine receive the fecundity of the Spirit, that we are prepared, as we also make the fruits into the bread and wine, for the resurrection effected by the Word, at which point, just as the bread and wine receive the Word and so become the Body and Blood of Christ, the Eucharist, so also our bodies will receive immortality and incorruptibility from the Father. As such, death, within the overall economy of God seen in the light of the Passion of Christ, takes on a eucharistic dimension, alongside its educative and limiting function, and the economy as a whole can be described as the Eucharist of God” (page 106).

Yeah, my head hurts to, so I’m off to ponder these magnificent insights! Go buy this book! Truly stretching me and forcing me to think!


About Joel

Joel is a 32 year old currently residing in the southeastern United States. His interests lay in philosophy and theology. He is a writer for The Christian Watershed.

5 thoughts on “The Eucharistic Dimension of Death

  1. Oooh, you *are* Hipsterdox! I was just thinking “What a coincidence, I just saw something about this book on facebook.” Then I noticed your beard and thought of the beard oil post. Slowing catching on….

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