The Icon Corner: A Guide to Setting Up Your Own

myiconsA few days ago I shared with you “The Beautiful Place: How to Make Your Own Icons“, and I hope it was a delight for those who sought to make their own in an affordable way. Today I want to share this video of how to proceed with setting up your own icon corner, or Beautiful Place. There aren’t any set rules per se, but there are some ways to arrange certain icons that should be followed. This is not meant to be a strict, legalistic, “you-gotta-do-it-this-way” kind of video! Please don’t take it that way! I made this video a few months ago for a friend interested in how to set up his own icon corner. I recommend some books to check out on iconography and walk through how I have set up our own icon corner.

A fewthings I’m convicted about in regards to having a home altar/icon corner/Beautiful Place:

  1. It should be done so that the icons are the main focus of a room or the first thing guests see in your home. It is done so that our lives revolve around God and prayer.
  2. It should be done as beautifully as possible. You’ll notice in my video how symmetrical my icons are. I have O.C.D. so I’m very particular about certain things like that, but one should seek to arrange the icons in a beautiful manner and not have them all disorganized. The altar is to be a place of order not chaos, so to focus in prayer. You can get creative too. You’ll see in my picture in the blog here that I have arragned the economy of salvation inself into my Beautiful Place. Down the middle I have a icon of the Nativity, then the Crucifixion, then the Resurrection, and finally the Ascension (As an aside, the video will not show this since it is older). I liked the beautiful theological symbolism of this, so I went with it. Be creative!
  3. I’m horrible at this, but the home altar should not be ignored. I’m forgetful of prayer and lazy, so I repent of that, but I make an effort not to neglect my altar. This also means we shouldn’t walk on by the icons without crossing ourselves. We should be aware of the icon corner and of the Saints, Theotokos, and Christ who are with us daily. Stop and cross yourself in front of the icons. They are holy. This space is holy. Treat it as such.

Outside of that I hope this video here will help you in setting up your own Beautiful Place. May the Lord Jesus Christ, our Messiah, bless you and keep you.



About Joel

Joel is a 32 year old currently residing in the southeastern United States. His interests lay in philosophy and theology. He is a writer for The Christian Watershed.

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