New Name and Direction

There are a lot of people still faithfully following my (Jonathan) blog and thoughts here. I have decided to shut this blog down and import the blogs into a new one. My new site will have a lot less religious writings as well. It will function more like a journal and such. The new blog is called Daring Greatly. I’d love if you come and follow me over on it. In a little bit, this blog will be deleted, but the blogs on here will be on the new site should anyone want to keep reading them. Thanks for all the support. I appreciate it.



Recovering the Good News of Predestination

Eclectic Orthodoxy

How can the Church recover the preaching of predestination? The key, I believe, is the recognition that in Holy Scripture predestination is good news. It is not a philosophical conundrum to be solved; it is a form of the gospel to be proclaimed—and specifically, a form of the gospel to be proclaimed to the baptized. No theologian of the Church has seen this more clearly than Karl Barth:

The truth which must now occupy us, the truth of the doctrine of predestination, is first and last and in all circumstances the sum of the Gospel, no matter how it may be understood in detail, no matter what apparently contradictory aspects or moments it may present to us. It is itself evangel: glad tidings; news which uplifts and comforts and sustains. Once and for all, then, it is not a truth which is neutral in face of the antithesis…

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