New Name and Direction

There are a lot of people still faithfully following my (Jonathan) blog and thoughts here. I have decided to shut this blog down and import the blogs into a new one. My new site will have a lot less religious writings as well. It will function more like a journal and such. The new blog is called Daring Greatly. I’d love if you come and follow me over on it. In a little bit, this blog will be deleted, but the blogs on here will be on the new site should anyone want to keep reading them. Thanks for all the support. I appreciate it.



About Jon Anderson

Everyday is another day I try to be Jonathan Anderson (nothing more and nothing less), to live and love authentically on this journey of discovering my true self, which is a journey of the heart. Kierkegaard once said, “Once you label me you negate me.” I’m not a label, but I find these useful about myself: Orthodox Christian. Peaceful Distributist/Libertarian. Armchair Theologian. Hack Philosopher. Existential Realist. Hopeful Universalist. Quasi-Pacifist. Recovering Shame-oholic. Aspiring Therapist. I am a person of WORTH created in the Image of God the Father, the Almighty, to live, to love, and to commune with fellow humankind and with the Blessed Trinity.

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